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Humphrey loves to create magical experiences and stories for children, parents and communities that is fun. He encourages them to explore, learn and interact with their world through their senses and



He has performed at 1000’s of live events and his image has been immortalised on countless toys and a massive range of other products... even on an Australian Postage Stamp!  He also is a National Trust icon Ambassabear for many charities!


Humphrey magically came into our lives in 1965 where he wandered across the set of a kids TV program unannounced, and from that point onwards won the hearts of kids and grownups alike. He is a 3 time Logie winner, Penguin Award Winner, and Gold Record & ARIA winner.

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Humphrey is dedicated to embacing the magic within everyone and every child. He and his friends celebrate diversity in all ways where everyone’s individual qualities and abilities are celebrated.


His show “Here’s Humphrey” is one of the longest-running children’s television programs in the world, that has entertained and educated children in 55 languages worldwide.


Humphrey loves helping others to help themselves (with a sprinkle of magic)! Especially when it comes to the wellbeing and learning for children, parents, communities and those with diverse needs.


Humphrey B. Bear is a magical honey-loving bear who, like every kid (and many a grown up!), loves exploring, creating, playing, learning and giving anything a go.


Humphrey is a friend to everyone and everyone is Humphrey’s friend.

Come and join Humphrey and his friends in The Magic Forest where just about anything can happen… and often does!




Watch Humphrey and his friends on video where they are always having magical fun!

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